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Originally Posted by SpaceGrayMe93 View Post
Call me crazy, but -- yes -- I can afford one and I'm spending the "dime" to get one. Here's my reasoning and it's two fold: First, it's a Dinan and from what I understand BMW has a special relationship with them compared to others. I've been told that your car is registered in BMW's systems as a Dinan car and you get to keep your warranty because of it. I looked at a number of superchargers, but don't want to have to buy a new motor just yet...simply because there's not enough history with them and the warranty evaporates the second you start the car. Naturally aspirated power like the Dinan motor (at worse) is a pretty decent foundation (stronger bottom end) for a supercharger later, which is still a consideration for my car. Second, and it's pure speculation, there are not that many cars that will be equipped with a Dinan registered motor in it. I've dabbled in Pontiac GTO's over the years and some of these cars, with the right options and low production numbers, do appreciate...handsomely if you ever owned a "bobcat" GTO or a Ram Air IV (I consider the GTO to be the BMW of today from a production performance perspective but I realize many would disagree). I plan on driving my car, but I also plan on taking care of it. If it appreciates over time, great. And if it doesn't I won't lose a wink of sleep. When this M3 came out I made it a point to get one and enjoy it because it was the first V8 M3 ever made. Getting it "Dinanized" only enhances the M3 experience even more to me (heck, I won't be able to take it with me so I might as well enjoy it while I'm here). Will this M3 hold up over time? My guess is that BMW will try hard to make the next generation M3 faster and better, but I'm betting against it. A V8 is a powerful motor on its own and this one is no slouch. The only real disadvantage with this car is that there won't be enough production out there to get the aftermarket companies to invest in real R&D to develop enough parts to make this thing a real legend. Again, I know a bunch of you have your own opinion (and some of you might be right), but I'm willing to take that chance with the Dinan motor and see what happens. I'll keep you posted on how the "upgrade" performs when I get it back in a few weeks. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on this.
I would love to go this route but shipping engines to the US from where I am, is just crazy money, tempting though but a really cant go any further