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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
It is Le Mans. It was posted in the IB thread erroneously, IIRC, and I think it was by someone other than the owner. If you look at post history of the owner, you'll see the original thread where he explains it is LMB on Fox Red (probably the only E93 of that spec in existence, I'd say).
Thanks. Interesting combo but it seems too much with the FR against LMB but you never can tell by looking at a picture. I will be putting in my order next month but I just can't seem to make my mind up on color. I tend to like, more understated colors but still aggressive. White is beautiful but too many of them out there, silver is too bland for me (but still looks good), LMB seems not too out there but I haven't seen it outside yet. I may end up with standard Jerez Black and RF.