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Thanks for the leads on the cars. I had looked at both of them. The Chicago car was configured as I wanted, but online posts about that dealer were not favorable. Not willing to do a long distance buy from anyone with red flags.

I have spoken with the San Antonio BMW dealer about their car several times, but the price continues to be too high. They started it at something like $67,999, and have been dropping it several thousand dollars about every thirty days. They have had the car since Thanksgiving of last year. They are down to $62,999, but that is still too high. You can buy a brand new 2011, similarly configured for couple of thousand more.

Interested in input on what people think the San Antonio, Texas car is worth? It is a loaded 2009 E90, DCT, with just under 10K miles. Biggest negatives are driver's seat looks worn, and front bumper is drilled for license plate. What is a reasonable buy on this car? How much more is it worth than the similarly configured 2008's that I see going for sub $50K?

And if I haven't said it enough before, I am most interested in a private owner car. Anyone?