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Originally Posted by 11Past9 View Post
They look and sound nice, but the bottom line is, a 328i with an exhaust did not run neck in neck with a 6MT G35 Coupe that was being driven by a person with a brain.

The G35 is slow, the G37 is slow, and so isn't the 328i. They are all overhyped when considering performance. They are solid daily drivers with some get up, the key word being some.

Side note:

If anyone is about to bring up "package" this and "trim" that or "interior" save it.
why would i lie here about my 328..i could care less ..dont tell me theres no way i didnt run neck n neck with one...last time i raced my friend in an 03 auto G coupe n killed him put 2 cars on him at the start over and over again...i could really care less i wouldnt lie im planning on buying a 135 or 335 soon anyways
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