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ZO-7 Vette for 2011

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been on my buyer’s tour the past two work days and my car came off late this afternoon… So by keeping my eyes and ears open TODAY I have some 2011 news that I would say is pretty darn reliable …and I don’t think they would go to so much trouble…I acted as uninterested as possible.

For 2011 there will be a Z07 — I don’t know if it will officially be called a Z07 or a Z06 with an extra option package. What those extras will consist of is a Z06 with pieces from the ZR1. From what I understand it will have a larger radiator (ZR1’s???) plus ZR1 stabilizer bars, shocks and springs plus the F55 knob on the console. PLUS the ceramic brakes from the ZR1 (a different color caliper — probably a darkish gray) and ZR1 wheels in the competition gray color. I’m actually pretty sure all of that will simply be a package for the Z06 along with another package that will have black outside mirrors (regardless of the body color), a black carbon fiber roof, and the front splitter and rocker panel extensions also in the black carbon fiber with a ZR1 spoiler. So I guess you’ll pretty much have a ZR1 without the engine… Kind of like getting a Z06 without the engine by buying a 2010 Grand Sport…

Some other stuff I paid attention to: There was a car coming down the line in a new color — it had some black mirrors too so I’m wondering if it could have been one of the Z07 models. The interesting color was a metallic orange. Definitely not Atomic Orange — could it have been the Sunset Orange from before? When I asked the name of the color nobody knew or weren’t saying. It was definitely a 2011 because there was a handwritten sheet hanging from the front. The seats were different too with some extra stitching and the two tone pattern was a little different on the seat bottom.

And I also over heard a conversation about the aluminum frame being on all Corvettes. The response I heard was something like “in the past stuff added to more expensive models tends to trickle down.” Sort of a politician’s answer I suppose.

I feel a little like my name should be “Scoop Newsworthy” or something… If all this is true or not, we’ll know soon I would guess. For sure I saw the orange car! And I believe the Z07 story…”