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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
Gintani sounds too much like a Chevy small block V8 on steroids. It's a little thick sounding to me. The Meisterschaft on the other hand sounds a little more exotic, more refined. That's just my opinion, but I'm sure the fanboys will chime in and flame me for my comment. Either way, I doubt you'll ever feel the extra 10hp that an axle back will give you. Buy it for sound, not power.

I agree, these 2 models sounded too American to be associated with an M3. Seriously, after having read and re-read all the threads and posts on the exhaust, after having heard it myself a dozen different exhausts and if the performance gain is not your priority, the best sound I've heard up 'here (that better meets the original sound but more powerful) is the Remus Race. The system is poorly known (very poor representation in U.S. and Canada) but it is worth to be considered because it is more in harmony with the concept of an M3: just loud enough at low revs, not too drone at mid speed and a sound mad enough to acute high revs. Very surprising from a system less known and the quality / price seems unbeatable.