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Originally Posted by Laser McCool View Post
you cant say that you dont like one over the other just because one group gives you tickets and the other fact most cops ARE ex military.
Yes I can. My experience with military/ex military isn't the same as with cops.

Cops are supposed to deal with people (the ones they're serving), they're supposed to protect and serve us...I always hear the excuse, "We deal with the worst people around, so it's hard to be nice or kind to everyone else."

Well that's fine if you work in Compton, but not where a lot of people live (especially on this forum...). And even if the cops where I live deal with more than I think (I'd bet against that), that's no excuse. You're job is to work for/with people, learn to do it without being a douche. All the excuses I've heard are bullshit....I can't be a bitch to my boss, neither can anyone else, no matter how shitty they are to me.

It seems like "Protect and serve" is the last thing on most cops minds. And by the way, everything I'm saying is towards patrol cops.

Soldiers are supposed to protect us, and our country. They're job isn't to interact with us every day.