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Too many people both in the military and in law enforcement forget that (a) They are public servants, not the other way around. Check your attitude; and (b) Specifically law enforcement, you are enforcing the law, not justice. Get off your high horse. Without making generalizations, I doubt someone from Princeton graduating top of their class in finance will go run patrol duty. Just because you have the uniform doesn't make your ass bulletproof and doesn't give you a right to talk to people like a lot of police officers do. You spoke about the standard "don't you have anything better to do?" phrase, but you have a lot of standards of your own. Ticket or no ticket, no encounter with a law enforcement agent has ever been pleasant, no matter how polite I act. I respect your JOB to enforce laws, and I accept the consequences that come with breaking the law. When you start acting like I kicked your dog by speeding at 4 am in the morning you can just shut the fuck up and write me a ticket, and then go back to your sweet 12 hour schedule of sitting under highway underpasses.

People need to take a hard look at themselves and realise that a lot of their supposed heroic choices aren't really choices and then act accordingly.