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Originally Posted by Noc57 View Post
Godbless our men and women in service. I have nothing but respect for soldiers.

These boys who get paid millions to "play ball", aren't hero's by any means. Remember that Browns player who drove drunk and killed a guy down in Miami earlier this year?

Here's the article:


I still love my football though
LOL you love your football, but don't know enough to reference Dante Stallworth in your post?

No question that police risk their lives by going to work, but this guy just sounds like sour grapes.. boo hoo the college football hall is more expensive than the LE HOF... get over it.. colleges have boosters, wealthy alum.. etc.. And who is this guy to say college players aren't heroes? Maybe not to HIM, but the college player who comes from the middle of the ghetto, beats all the odds, and is the first to ever graduate College in his family is DEFINITELY a hero to SOMEONE.. he is a positive influence on all of the younger kids who might think twice before they start selling drugs or pick up a gun.