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Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
I really shouldn't even bother, but I feel compelled. Samwoo, I am sorry for your situation, and I certainly understand why you'd be upset. I refuse to believe any competent cop/attorney couldn't find the real truth in your case, but again, I don't know the details. It's difficult to believe you have any respect as I have never heard a respectful fuck you, but that's besides the point.

Most of the time cops deal with the shittiest side of humanity, so pardon us if we don't want to hear your bullshit excuse for all the traffic violations you just knowingly committed. Damn near EVERYONE lies to us all the time and I'll tell you it gets old real quick. Perhaps you should consider what it is about you that attracts you to the cops and change it instead of whining about it.

88, I really can't argue against your experiences either, and it is frustrating when you get to deal the small percentage of cops who are in the biz because their mothers didn't love them, they have small penises and large egos, but rest assured the majority of us are out there making it so Samwoo can cry about it and tell me to fuck off.

I worked as a JO in the schools, and to this day my students still come up to me and thank me, even if I was a dick to them or was forced by their actions to arrest them. Of course, there are those who think I'm the biggest ass on the planet, but there's no helping people with the type of personality that refuses to let them see themselves for what they truly are.

Either way, cops understand this prejudice against them since MOST people only deal with the cops when they are in trouble or something terrible has happened to them. Despite all of this, I still go to work and bust my ass to make sure all of you (Generalization) can walk down the street without worrying about getting accosted, killed or otherwise molested. I realize it still happens, and I want you to know that I take it personally each time there is a crime against a person in my jurisdiction.

I also take it personally when people automatically assume the cop is an ass and treat them poorly. I ask you, where is my motivation to give you a warning (My natural inclination) when your first question is some cliche like "Don't you have anything better to do?" Perhaps the general public would be more appreciative if the police were allowed to strike, or let you get the ass whipping you probably deserve at the bar fight call we go to?

When you call the cops and run the other direction due to bullets, fists or other projectiles, Ie go straight there to sort it out. I work on the holidays that you are celebrating and at night when you are asleep. I don't want you admiration nor do I want to be called a hero, but I would like some of you to take a little personal responsibility and realize that not everyone in a given profession is an asshole, nor is everyone in pro sports a good person.

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