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Originally Posted by Milehigh E90 View Post
Not jumping on anyone. Just stating a FACT that BMW will not be offering a discount on the M3, or any M cars for ED.
Capitlizing words and telling people to search by using an icon is easily construed as such. That is true you were stating a fact, but he never stated anythingn to the contrary. You assumed it.

ED or not we all still have to pay for the tax in the state that the car is licensed. For instance here in Colorado (YES the person I was responding to and I both live in Colorado) if one purchases a car in say Montana (A state without a sales tax) it wouldn't matter, we would have to pay the sales tax for the county we live in when we went to the DMV to license the car. Two things are certain in life- Death and TAXES! (And YES they also TAX DEATH! )
All that being said I guess its still very possable for someone, somewhere to save a couple of bucks in their state by doing ED. Again I was just stating that BMW wouldn't be offering a discount.
So I WASN'T "jumping" on anyone just pointing out not to expect a discount from BMW. Hope this helps and doesn't get me in more trouble.
That's true he has to pay the tax either way, but in some places the taxes are less for used vehicles as opposed to new vehicles. I don't know if that's the case in Colorado.