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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Done my duty somewhere else when I was of age...
And by the way, at that time...never even thought of having the Bimmer... does this whole thing make you a hero??? You're just doing your job, you chose that, I did not... Should I be a hero for havingPatents published???
Oh yeah, and BTW your duty means absolutely nothing to me or anyone one else here. Come to think of it must not have meant a lot to you either or you would still be in the country you fought for.....oh wait you left and came to MY country so guess what, before you open your mouth which only spews remember people like me, slammedbimmer, and a lot of other people out there serve and its not for the glory or what ever reason you might try and construct. For me its a way to give back to a land that was good to me. I don't give a damn if GW is up there giving orders or the next Clinton, every soldier, airman, and marine raises there right hand and swears to obey the orders of those appointed over them. You know nothing except what the news tell you and what you read in the airport.

All you do is look to insight arguments, and thats fine with me until you cross the line, in which you did with this thread. There's a special place in hell for people like you.