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I'll quote xxe92xx from another thread, since he has had the opportunity to try out both the Gintani & Meisterschaft (w/x-pipe of course)

Originally Posted by xxe92xx View Post
lets ask someone who has experience with both shall we...

doesnt matter where its made, doesnt matter about past bullshit..putting that all aside...

meisterschaft gt2 (redline motorworks)

the sound: at idle it has a deep v8 rumble..when you go through the powerband it screams F1..the sound is more high pitched and is very loud...there is drone but nothing that will irritate the shit out of you

the quality: i posted a few close up pictures in a thread somewhere....but the craftsmanship of this muffler is no joke it is of high quality so dont let anyone here who doesnt know shit tell you otherwise

gintani race (alex/arno at gintani)

the sound: at idle it is much deeper than the gt2..when you go through the powerband that deepness just gets louder and stronger i cant really explain it but it sounds amazing...the sound is definitely lower and deeper but isnt as loud as the gt2...the drone is very minimal

the quality: it is a simplier design that makes the most power of the two, which is the main reason i switched from the gt2 to gintani...gotta love the ceramic coating

let me know if you need to know anything else in more detail

*muffler review only
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