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Originally Posted by ski360 View Post
Dude, Screw off ya non supporting jerk off, I could care less at this point if I get banned, but I'll be damned if I'll listen to you bad mouth another soldier for doing his job, and no your not as big a target as long as your MOVING!

You have a comment for everything. Next thing you'll say it's GWB fault for the way he's driving. Its not a game over there, its not about showing off, its about doing your job and staying alive and protecting your buddies so you can come home and see your family.

I didn't say it was GWB fault...but then when I think about it...if it was not for GWB he would not be yes, you're right.

As for bad mothing soldiers (or non-soldiers) -- I always will the ones not doing things right, that is the beauty of free expression, that supposedly they are trying to establish over there.

If the soldiers in Haifa killed civilians -- hell yes, I will bad moth them (AND THEIR SUPERIORS). THe prison torture -- hell yes. Driving like you own the road over there -- YEAH! We see the shots from Iraq daily our soldiers driving on the streets of Iraq but this is the first one like this... Are the others less targets than this one???

And don't dude me you empty headed robot...