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Originally Posted by Noc57 View Post
I get what you're saying, but I still think your argument is a bit flawed. For a new car @ $50K there isn't a car out there that can touch a 335, in terms of performance, platform, and tuning potential. The N54 is that good.

As htoudiee said, with $2-3K you're into the sub 11's (Z06/Viper territory). You simply CANNOT do this with a Geo, Civic, etc... without spending over double, possibly triple what the car's worth period. The fact that with a few K a "3 series" BMW can keep up with cars like the RS5, Z06, etc....I think pretty much says it all.

Sure the RS5 comes stock with it's specs....but at how much more of a premium? $30K+? I'll take the $50K 335 + $3K in mods anyday, but that's me.
Not only do we have countless thread about the 335i vs M3 but we have ones comparing the 335i to the RS5. I love this place, it will never stop making me laugh.

Well as with those M3 comparison the same problem arises, the 335i might be able to run with the M3 and RS5 in a straight line but the rest of it's package isn't design to be the ultra performance model of the breed and thus will fail else where. In fact this comparison becomes even sillier because we aren't comparing 3series with another 3series.

I don't know what price Audi would reckon it would need to sell it in the US but it will be well shy of the new M5. And if you would much prefer a nodded 335i instead of either this or the M3 then I accept your opinion but I don't happen to agree that such a car is as good or an alternative to either of them.