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Here's an example:

2010 M3 Coupe with everything except 19" wheels (2MT):

$74,755 Retail
$68,810 Invoice

Add to that invoice amount...

$380 MACO (added by BMWNA to the invoice, paid by the dealer)
$180 Training Fee (added by BMWNA to the invoice, paid by the dealer)
$1,500 profit (just an example)
$45 documentation fee

...and you get a Cap Cost of:


Assuming no Cap Cost Reduction, a term of 3 years @ 10k miles per year giving a residual of 54% and a buy rate MF of 0.00245 (no MSDs), and the lease acquisition fee at the buy rate of $725...

The monthly payment including CA sales tax will be $1,230.49 and the drive off will be $2,965.93 (includes first month's payment, the acquisition fee, sales tax on the acquisition fee, and DMV fees of $938.75).

A term of 3 years @ 15k miles per year would yield a monthly of $1,292.83 and a drive off of $3,028.27.

A term of 2 years @ 10k miles per year (58% residual) would yield a monthly of $1,567.43 and a drive off of $3,302.87.

So you can see a 10k down, or even a drive off, is ridiculous. You should also be able to get the profit down unless the car supply is running very short.
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