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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
You are comparing a modded car to a stock car. So what if the RS5 stock is say 500hp and then it is modded etc. Then the point that the 335i could hang with it doesn't apply anymore does it?
Or if a modded civic is modded and then the Civic guy says I can hang with the 335i, and the 335i guy will chip it and then runs away again.
The point is that if you are going to compare cars then compare stock to stock and modded to modded.
Can't really say that a 335i can run with the RS5 because you don't really know what is the engine going to be first off and if it is a FI engine than the RS5 owner could also just tune it and the 335i hanging with the RS5 for cheaper again doesn't apply.