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Originally Posted by Vaheb View Post
Can someone please tell me something is wrong in this situation.

I went to the dealer to look at an M3 that I saw online cause I'm ready to pull the trigger on a 2010. It was fully loaded basically and the price was 70,xxx.

I'm not really a buy person and I wanted to lease for three years.

He told me the price would be around $1500 a month with 10k down.

There has to be something wrong because I am paying 2k a month for a CL550 with 4k down. The CL is worth 125,xxx.
Do you mind telling me which dealer u went??
leasing a 2010 with 10k down is kinda bs. 70,xxx msrp is really not a fully loaded. $1500 a month is the price for buying (loan). Price of leasing should be somewhere around $1000 a month.