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Originally Posted by jayely1 View Post
When someone says, Modded a 335i could take it, that strictly talking about speed, not about platform at all.

Yeah, thats right, when your talking purely on speed you could compare a turbo'ed Geo to a 335i..Thats by point so yeah your right!

I get what you're saying, but I still think your argument is a bit flawed. For a new car @ $50K there isn't a car out there that can touch a 335, in terms of performance, platform, and tuning potential. The N54 is that good.

As htoudiee said, with $2-3K you're into the sub 11's (Z06/Viper territory). You simply CANNOT do this with a Geo, Civic, etc... without spending over double, possibly triple what the car's worth period. The fact that with a few K a "3 series" BMW can keep up with cars like the RS5, Z06, etc....I think pretty much says it all.

Sure the RS5 comes stock with it's specs....but at how much more of a premium? $30K+? I'll take the $50K 335 + $3K in mods anyday, but that's me.