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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post

IMHO, don't factor in the price difference (between 335is or M3 Option A or M3 Option B). Go from, (1) What you really want; & (2) Limit of what you're willing to pay.

Finally, can I ask, as I've never test driven the M3 (might have been a mistake, but not uncorrectable ), did you miss at all the greater low-end torque of the 335i? Thanks!
I havn't driven a 335 for 3 years, so I can't really remember the torque, so no, I don't miss it. All the power in the M is in the high revs, and once your start getting past 6k you are absolutely flying. The power is enough to provide you good acceleration in all gears regardless of speed.

I am at a point where I really do not mind "settling". It comes down to a difference between price ranges. Mine is 50-61, so adding options that would put me into the mid 60's is out of my range, and I have to adjust accordingly.

I appreciate the insight because a car is the LAST thing you want to have any regrets with considering you'll be driving it every day for the next 3 years minimum.