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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
I don't understand why!

can you someone explain?!
Methanol is a very corrosive chemical.

That's going to slowly deteriorate all the engine components that come in contact with this chemical over time. (metal or rubber)

It's VERY similar to E85, where you really need special fuel system modifications to accommodate the corrosive nature of that ethyl alcohol/gasoline fuel product.

Every vehicle that is built to run E85 from the factory, has a specially designed stainless steel fuel system. (from the fuel tank & pump, to the fuel injectors & engine) Every rubber seal and metal fitting is rated to handle E85 fuel. (through proper design and engineering)

If these considerations are not accounted for, the OEM materials they touch will slowly succumb to corrosion or accelerated deterioration over time. (due to the subsequent chemical reactions that will take place)

Methanol doesn't play well with others...
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