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Originally Posted by majin ssj eric View Post
Couldn't possibly have been driver error, huh?

not that it excuses Toyota from taking responsibility, but Toyota is having to take responsibility for far more than just its own mistakes - it is having to take responsibility for consumer stupidity as well. despite malfunctions, many accidents and deaths could have been prevented were there not so many utter idiot @ssholes behind the wheel.

for instance, one recent tragedy concerns a family of four. the father, an off-duty officer, was driving his family somewhere in their Camry when the car started accelerating inexplicably. instead of putting the car in neutral and using the brakes, the cop calls 911 to report his emergency, and prays aloud with his family while awaiting further instructions/help from 911 . they eventually crashed and died all b/c some bright light behind the wheel didn't think to take the car out of drive and use the brakes. i can't find an online source for this - i heard the audio recording of the 911 call and the crash on the radio.

nevertheless, automobile manufacturers know that 99% of drivers have an IQ lower than 50, and have to take this stupidity into account BEFORE its too late...Toyota has itself in a predicament, that's for sure...