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Originally Posted by outie View Post
This is what people have been paying on the 2011s:

For pricing reference: (look at the invoice pdf)
Woww thanks, I had the pricing references, but I never saw that thread.

Originally Posted by J-9 View Post
Get the minimally appointed one for as close to invoice as possible. Throwing in the purchase of a whole other car should be incentive enough for your dealer to come down.

Otherwise, I have to advise you walk, since your loyalty isn't getting you much and giving them everything. Invoice provides the dealer a fair profit, especially for these cars.

Also, I will be selling my current car on consignment and letting another dealer sell it for me for a fee. This will be a much higher value than a straight trade-in.

To sum up: Invoice is $55,905.00 for the E92. Add:

$875 destinantion charge
$1300 Gas Guzzler
$950 Non-extended leather
$1000 EDC
$400 iPod

$64055.80 with 6% CT sales tax. Much less than what he's quoting you, but still $3K over your budget of $61K.
$64 is manageable, thanks for putting in my tax -- The tax is the killer, but it could be worse in other states I guess. The reason it was still higher than that was the addition of the alarm and BMW assist. Not sure how badly I need those (alarm *could* be handy on a $60k car lol).

I appreciate the advice. My entire thought process when going into this was based on the fact that I could find a 2010 and get it in the $50's. I didn't want a 2011 because I knew I would have to pay more than I was comfortable with. Those points are now pretty much mute. For sure, I may have to walk if I don't get my price. Thanks again though.

Thank god dealers are open today so I can do some talking!