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$70k is a lot of money for a car, unless you are capable to shell out all cash for it.
Lease vs Finance... think of it as Dating vs Marriage.
When lease, you are in less commitment (lesser downpayment, lesser monthly payments) and when those 2 or 3 years of lease are up, you will be given an option,- to get into a new car, or buy out your leased one... Buying out your leased can be a very good deal, and could be close to 1/2 the price of what it was new when you drove it off the lot.
When Financing new car... it just doesnt make financial sence since the car goes down in value faster than you'll be paying for it... it's like buying a house in todays market,- 2 years from now you will still be making payments for borrowed $70 k + tax + % interest... but the actual value of car would be $49k... However, if buying- financing, it does make financial sence to buy a 1 or 2 year old CPO, you could be $20 k ahead of the game for the same car.
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