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Originally Posted by Zephyr15 View Post
I'll play devil's advocate here...

To start, that's a poor analogy. A vasectomy is intended to permanently prevent reproduction. Pregnancy and birth does not cause a woman to premanently lose any bodily function. So, let's just get back to the situation at hand.

Girl is a 24 year old adult and we can assume she understands how pregnancy occurs. Girl voluntarily has sex with our friendly OP, with whom she has been in an 8 year relationship. Presumably, the girl voluntarily chose not to use birth control (or didn't use it correctly), which is readily available to her, easy to use and a virtual lock to be effective when used properly. As a result, nature takes its course and the girl gets pregnant. So who exactly forced this situation on her?
The point with my analogy was someone forcing a male to get a vasectomy when he didn't want one.

Like I said in my earlier, post I don't think abortion is a form of birth control. And I didn't say someone forced her situation. But, it is 100% her choice because it is her body that goes through the stress of pregnancy and child birth. The father can leave the woman if he disagrees with her decision and get with another woman to have a kid. As we don't know the full situation( did they use protection or not, etc), I am not going to assume anything. All I stated was it was her choice and how would you feel if someone tried to force you to do something you didn't want to do?