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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
I think the OEM 19" 220M wheels look great on the M3! Even if I don't like the ZCP wheels I will not part with them because whenever I mod a car I llike to retain all of the original parts.

I mainly want these for a daily use wheel so I can save my LM's and originals from damage. Secondly if I were to damage one of these it would be easy an inexpensive to get a replacement.
I right with ya regarding the "daily use" factor.

I have HRE P43s for show, as well as OEM 19" 220M wheels, and ALSO, the OEM 18" wheels... sad, but true.

At first, I thought I'd use the 18s for the track, until the rubber wore out, then throw winter rubber on them, and then use the 19s for the track, and only use the HREs for show.

I think the HREs have seen maybe 1000km or less... I just got too lazy to swap everything around.

And no, Jamie, you can't have my 19s, LOL....
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