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This is the 21st century, do you really think the nations of the world need to meet on the east side of Manhattan to voice their concerns to each other?
It's because of the 21st century is the reason we need to.

Also, the UK is the second most powerful nation in the world???
China is powerful, however I was talking about the nations from the Democratic world. You don't wanna provoke China. Would you feel the same and support China if they attack Iraq? Please don't draw the "human rights" card with China. They want the oil just as bad. They just don't throw a smoke grenade into the political fray.

Countries that have pulled out:
Nicaragua (Feb. 2004);
Spain (late-Apr. 2004);
Dominican Republic (early-May 2004);
Honduras (late-May 2004);
Philippines (~Jul. 19, 2004);
Thailand (late-Aug. 2004);
New Zealand (late Sep. 2004);
Tonga (mid-Dec. 2004)
Portugal (mid-Feb. 2005);
The Netherlands (Mar. 2005);
Hungary (Mar. 2005);
Singapore (Mar. 2005);
Norway (Oct. 2005);
Ukraine (Dec. 2005);
Japan (July 17, 2006);
Italy (Nov. 2006)

Countries that are sticking around (probably because Bush would have a hissy fit if they did pull out)

UK: 7,200
South Korea: 2,300 ! Hmmm wonder why so many from this country
Australia: 850
Poland: 900
Romania: 865
Denmark: 515
El Salvador: 380
Georgia: 300
Azerbaijan: 150
Bulgaria: 150
Latvia: 136
Albania: 120
Slovakia: 103
Czech Republic: 100
Mongolia: 100
Lithuania: 50
Armenia: 46
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 37
Estonia: 34
Macedonia: 33
Kazachstan: 29
Moldova: 12

Let China get in there. They will throw 1.5 million troops in there and clean it up real good! ..........Joking aside....... See where this war is heading? Call them all quitters if you want. Bottom line, this is the right way this war should be heading.

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