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Just Got Back from Dealer, No 2010's, what should I be paying??

Hey guys,

So I said (in a past thread) that I was going to move to a "stripped" M3 after canceling the order on my $61k 335is.

I test drove a blk/silver 4 door with EDC and MDM (didn't need to test drive, just wanted to), and it only confirmed more that I wanted the car.

I asked the dealer about how his inventory of 10's was looking, and he said, "you're sitting in it". Literally at the dealer, he only had a 4dr, Auto Coupe, and Vert. He told me he could try to swap with another dealer but it would be a bad idea because i'd be getting a car that people have been test driving and beating to death.

Needless to say, I priced out 2 cars--one with ideal options, and one with minimal options. The car with minimal options (Leather, Alarm*, Assist*, ipod, EDC, phone dock*-----starred items are those I probably don't need) came out to $66,xxx, and after $3k worth of taxes stood at $69k .

The one with ideal options (basically everything I said + tech package) came to $71k.

If I was going to pursue the minimally-optioned M3, what do you think a fair closing price would put me at? My mother is purchasing a 1 series at the same time as my purchase, so the dealer assured me he would work with the price. I am also going to be trading in my WRX, but that is a mute point as my dealer is unaware of this.

Looking forward to what some of you think. At this point a used M3 may be out of the question because my father is insisting on going through the BMW dealership to "keep it in the family". I tried checking CPO inventories on BMW's site and there is pretty much nothing.

Thanks for suggestions --