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New M3 Differential...

I just returned from the local dealership.
Took my car in to have the differential fluid changed.
There was no question about this and the service rep. said he was well aware of the "noise" problem.

They had my car about 30 minutes; test drove it.
The service rep. said the technician heard the noise after the change and wanted to wait 30 minutes, then drive the car again.

They gave me the car back and told me to put approximately 500 miles on it.
Then casually said, "If the noise remains, bring the car in and we'll replace the differential..."
I asked about this and was told that BMW is now breaking in the differentials at the factory to address this issue and that they would swap mine out for a new unit.

The service rep. went on to say that they have a guy with an M5 on his 3rd differential at approximately 25K miles...

Seems extreme to me.
Has anyone here been through this or heard of this?