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CVC is a uniform code so it applies regardless of the county. How many hours was your last year's traffic school? If it was for a one point violation (i.e. 8 hrs) you may be eligible for an additional 12 hrs under CVC 41501(a):

"41501 The court may order a continuance of a proceeding against a person, who receives a notice to appear in court for a violation of any statute relating to the safe operation of a vehicle, in consideration for attendance at a licensed school for traffic violators, a licensed driving school, or any other court-approved program of driving instruction, and, after that attendance, the court may dismiss the complaint under the following conditions:
(a) If the offense is alleged to have been committed within 12 months of another offense which was dismissed under this section, the court may order the continuance and, after the attendance, dismiss the complaint. The court may order attendance at a licensed school for traffic violators which offers a program of at least 12 hours of instruction."