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Originally Posted by jaynine999 View Post
It's CVC section 22107. Would it be +1 point? Would it raise my insurance? I did go to traffic school about a year ago and I don't think I can get rid of this record...

I was on the freeway when the local cop stopped me. I've heard from somewhere that CHP don't have jurisdiction on local roads and they have to call local cops to give tickets.
22107 is slightly better. It's $146 + 1 point. As someone else mentioned before, CHP has jurisdiction on ANY public road in CA, incorporated or not. They actually have full enforcement jurisdiction, i.e. they can enforce any state law anywhere.
Even though you have had the traffic school option once in the past 18 months, the judge can still grant you that option but you will need to either submit a trial by written declaration request or go to court to request that. 2nd traffic school is not granted very often but it does happen. How does the rest of your record look? What was your last year ticket?