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Originally Posted by Iguy View Post
Then who speaks for the world? Who rearranges the UN, the US? The UN is the closest thing we have on the "pulse" of the world. This is where nations voice their concerns, police them if you will. You don't agree with the UN simply because it doesn't serve your mandate no? Justification for attacking Iraq. Unfortunately another reason why Terror and would be terrorist will never stop, because of these views.

Is there another entity, where by people can voice concerns of the world? Nothing is perfect, including the UN, however bottom line is that the US and UK attacked Iraq against the UN's wishes. The two most powerful nations in the world, thumbs the UN and attacks anyhow. Why?
Ah, let me guess...he'll point out the resolution from 1990 that applies indefinitely because US says so...
There will always be terror (or resistance) present if one nation tries to control the world or the region. You can call them terrorists, insurgency, separatists, or whatever you want...