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Why are we talking about this stuff on this thread???
Anyway, If we were cautious pre 911...actually, we're always behind them...our Intel has issues... 911 happened, then we caught up, the Richard Reid happened, then we made everyone take their shoes off, we'll see...I doubt it would happen again the same way we've seen it already...

Win, win, win...sounds like a game...ant is it not!

To win against the terrorists -- we need a plan which we clearly so far did not have -- focus on Afghanistan, no, wait, Iraq, no Iran, no help Israel...crazy. Going around and occupying countries and dropping bombs does nothing good...

Finally, I really don't care much if my life will be better than it is. But I can see that the future of my kids will be terrible -- Global warming, no savings, Empty reserves, no Social Security, no Medical coverage, embarrassement to say where they come from...

It will be a hell of a job for the next Prez to clean all this crap...