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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
he had them and then stuffed them in his a$$, so we cannot find them.
The WMD is not your regular weapon. It leaves the traces for years to come. Even if he burried them 10,000 ft under ground, the traces would be there.
Again...I do blame GWB for making the lives of my children much tougher than it should be... To me...he did nothing good, not much bad, except that I carry my mother land passport with me also when I travel...
i do understand what your saying about the kids ...... its not fair that they have to live in a world like the one we have now ........ but to fix it you have to take care of the problem .......... with support from the people ......... let me put it this way if FDR had the same media, the same aclu, the same american people..... we would have never defeated the nazis ...and thats a fact ........ if people were as cautious as they are now sept 10th 2001 we would not be having this conversation ...... and that also is a fact
if we had the support we needed this war would be over ............ terorrists see how devided the american people are and that makes them think they can win

i do hate that enter key