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Originally Posted by Dieselino View Post
An audi S4 lower quality then a liberty? What are you smoking? Im sorry I love BMW's and all but Audi has the best interiors bar none in the industry, quality, materials fit and finish and design.
Nothing actually. But thanks for caring. I was being sarcastic.

The steering wheel in the S4 felt like rubber. It didn't feel like leather. The seats didn't feel like leather. All the controls felt cheap. I dunno. It just felt like a cheap car. Yes I was being SARCASTIC when I said the S4s interior felt lower quality than my sister's 2010 Liberty, but it didn't make you feel like you were sitting in a $55k car. If I was blind-folded, I would have guessed I was sitting in a $40,000 car, MAX.

Audi has the best interiors? That's an opinion. Just like mine. But I'm not going to say your smoking something because I respect other peoples opinions.