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Originally Posted by ZJP View Post
Get some ON 100% Whey Gold Standard protein, its much better than Muscle Milk with a lot less fat/calorie content. I have the double rich chocolate flavor and it's addicting.
You're assumption is that fat makes you fat which is simply NOT the case. Cholesterol makes ALL of your hormones (including testosterone), allows for fat soluble vitamins to be absorbed, facilitates the absorption of proteins, makes 50% of the cell membrane for ALL of your trillions of cells, provides the sheathe that surrounds nerves, repairs the brain, allows trainees to avoid soft tissue injuries from over use, and helps regulate blood sugar.

The low fat talk is a reason why so many are fat as a diet that is low fat is HIGH carb. Most people are severely deficient in their natural fat intake and are overcoming carbohydrates which is leading to record obesity, inflammatory diseases, and blood sugar regulation problems.

The whey you recommend isn't bioavailable.

If the OP has fat in the midsection around the umbilicus (belly button), it is due to excessive stress of some kind a that is where cortisol receptor sites are located. If the OP has fat in the love handle region, he has blood sugar regulation problems from over consumption of carbohydrates particularly starches, grains, sugars, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates because that is where insulin receptor sites are located (in addition to the upper, middle back near the scapula).