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Originally Posted by Trier Germany View Post
I wasn't a fan of Springs at first! But after having a few PAX laps at the ring in my buddies M3-E92 coupe with H&R I was sold. Only time will tell to see if the aftermarket sprigs will damage the EDC shocks. I am till waiting for some EDC compatible coil-overs. I know i wont purchase factory replacement shocks way too expensive! So I hope by the time the factory shocks wear out they have EDC compatible coil-overs, or I'll just get the KW Variant 3's

Will you ever come back to Germany?
So real world tells us lowering springs don't ruin the M3,unless the op has ride comfort and such in mind.

Most people I know who put the right lowering springs on their cars saw improvement in handling, in autocross anyway.
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