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Originally Posted by osteome View Post
If it is delivered "new" to CONUS, then you do pay the GGT (as I recall). If you are stationed in Europe and take delivery/register it in Europe, then there is no GGT. The downside is that I never received the "window sticker", which would have showed the GGT.

I am not sure if there is a "time limit" on the GGT, but evidently there is on the import duty tax, in terms of accepting delivery and shipping it back "too quickly".

I will head back to CONUS after a little 3 years of ownership, so all should be good...just have a year over here with no warranty.
Ah thanks. This is what they're telling me in regards to import tax:

Import Tax is charged at 2.5% of the total value stated on the Bill of Sale. As a general rule the criteria for free (non-taxable) importation, are that the owner must have been stationed abroad for 140 consecutive days and must have taken physical possession of the vehicle while stationed abroad.
A copy of official military (PCS) orders must accompany the vehicle and as some US ports of entry stipulate a minimum mileage requirement in order to avoid Import Tax, it is also recommended that your vehicle be shipped with a minimum of 500 miles at the time of importation.
Just wanted to make sure I wasn't stuck with a $1300 bill for the GGT when I went to register it.