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Originally Posted by Iguy View Post
Tell me ganeil, whats your opinion of the UN?
That is a pretty broad question. I would have to separate it into how I feel about each main component to give a complete answer. The General Assembly is a generally harmless entity that serves a very limited purpose as a meeting place for representatives of nations that would otherwise eschew contact with each other. It is often viewed as possessing a moral authority that it should not be have. Given the non-representative nature of a large portion of the governments represented it can not and should not be given the weight of "speaking for the world." The Durban Conference and the "Zionism is Racism" fiasco are examples of what General Assembly actions that should be denied any moral weight.

The International Court of Justice is a potentially dangerous threat to national sovereignty that I would like to see either eliminated or better yet reorganized, not as a court but as a mediation center.

The Secretariat is a hopeless collection of third rate bureaucrats who are generally as corrupt as they are inept. It is an organization is need of a complete overhaul.

The important work of the UN is thankfully left to the Security Council. Although I would not agree with all the decisions made by the Security Council and believe the council would benefit from an adjustment in membership, it is an organization that I believe the world is better for having.

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