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Originally Posted by RandyB View Post
There is no need to over-style the rear diffuser just for the sake of differentiation from the standard car. There is no need to move the license plate from the boot lid where there is plenty room, to an over-crowded area on the bumper cover, just to replace the nicely sculpted (albeit stock 3-series) rear boot lid with a flat expanse devoid of character. I'm sure BMW feels the same way.
i agree that it shouldnt't be over done but the M3 is the flag ship and is meant to be the forefront. The M3 is agressive, they dont design the car thinking lets make it powerfulish, subtle, or half agressive. I dont know how everyone else feels about this new exposed bumper but i just think its a bit tame!

I dont care where the plate is, with all the camo it looked like it was definately a possibility that it would be bumper but it makes little difference in the grand scheme. And all that secrecy for a bit of mesh is a bit of a dissapointment.

Not much left now i guess the main thing is the vents.