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Hey guys, thanks for all the comments.

Some answers to your questions:

what happens if you apply Paint protection film to the front? will the film in effect make it glossy and ruin the look?

Yes, any film protection will ruin the finish in terms of look and feel. Even if you manage to find a matte protection film, you will lose the factory matte feel of the paint job which is a lot smoother to the touch than you'd expect it to be.

Where can you get those black oem wheels or do you have to get them coated?

My car came with them. I think you can order them that way when you order your car. They're OEM wheels that are factory painted in black.

Do I see your alloys chipping already?

That's just flash reflection. It does look like chipping though in the pics you're right.

Can either of you two M owners let me know how hard/easy are those frozen colours to keep clean..Do they get more or less swirls on the paint than normal metalic paints..

Very easy to keep clean, but they do require a daily wash or at least dust removal. I have my car washed daily and stains/dirt washes off the surface beautifully and easily, more so than regular glossy paint i have found. In terms of swirls, going on 1 month now and after a few visits to the automatic washing station nothing yet...from what I have seen it is an extremely easy finish to maintain, and not as easy to only comment would be again regarding the dust, if you live in a sandy/dusty area that stuff will get attracted to the car like bees on a flower.

When you run your fingers across it does it feel textured or smooth? Can you clean, seal, wax it like a regularly painted car? How bad ass does it look at night? How many people rubberneck when you pull up? Where can I get some frozen gray condoms?!?!

You will actually be suprised how smooth the surface feels to the touch.....really smooth....definitely has a bit of texture but all i can say is that you will be surprised by how smooth it can be cleaned like a normal car in terms of washing with water and soap (haven't and won't be trying any chemicals).....i have washed the car at the automatic car wash and their soap liquid has a bit of wax in it and it didn't affect the paint finish at all.....Car looks badass at night as you'd expect, but i find it looks best in direct sunlight......and everybody stares at this car.....everybody.....i've had stares from guys driving SE Bentleys, Ferraris and Maseratis.