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Originally Posted by NJ135 View Post
yea whey protein is good i dont know if you guys have costco or bjs around where you live but they have allot for cheap.. they even beat internet prices.. and try out a cortisol blocker like supress-c by competative edge labs.. flattens your stomach and makes you look more ripped.. diet is number one thing for abbs they say abbs are built in the kitchen not the gym.. but definitly read up on supress-c .. and this site has good info once in a wile .. and i always order my stuff from or if not there
Thanks for the sites, and i'll definitely check out supress-c.

Originally Posted by Makushr1 View Post
I'm pretty big into working out. 80% of getting into shape is eating right, 18% is exercise, and 2% are supplements. Well, if you're trying to tone up, exercise becomes more important, but eating right doesn't change.

In my younger days, I was a nationally recgonized swimmer. Other than the obvious swimming 5-6 hours a day, eating right was essential. The majority of my dinners were brown rice, steamed veggies, and a grilled chicken breast.

Getting into shape is not tasty.

Only things I really take are whey protein, multi vit, green tea, fish oil. I lost about 5lbs last month switching out my lunches for a liquid lunch of muscle milk.
I usually hear that muscle milk is bad for you. Did you drink regular or lite muscle milk? The premade or powder?

I'll probably switch to brown rice, slowly tho, like to a 50/50 white & brown rice mixture. I couldn't stick to it when i switched to 100% brown.

Thanks for the pointers.

Originally Posted by ZJP View Post
Stick with grilled chicken, fruits, veggies, etc. basically anything low in fat but high in fiber & protein.

Also make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Thank you sir.