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Originally Posted by youyou View Post
Ok my friend go tell that to the terrorists and then when they stop we will as well.
Has Israel ever voluntarely attacked any other country? No i don't think so
Out of all the wars Israel has ever had has Israel always been the one that initiated them? No i don't think so.
OK, lets be realistic now... Why is Israel "returning" the areas to Palestinians. Word "return" implies previously taken. Remember, there used to be this land called Palestine, that was erased in 1948. I am not an Arab nor a Jew, but I also heard of tough lives and tough times that those Palestinians fought for years...

Originally Posted by youyou View Post
I don't know if you realize but Israel only retaliates when they are either attacked or if a suicide bomber has blown himself up.
This madness will never stop until these madmen stop.
So yes peace would be great. Trust me I would love to buy a villa on the beach in Tel Aviv and have a family there but for now i'll stick to Montreal.
I don't want to worry when my kids go to school ( which i don't have yet but hopefully will one day).
And I applaud every single Israeli for being able to live in that fear every day.

Again, I do realize that Israel had really tough time with it all for decades. But if the guy that belongs to some extremist group blows himself up and kills 10 Israelis, then Israel goes over there and kills 10 innocent and 3 bad guys -- that is what I don't accept from the civilized nation. That is the thing that automatically equates the good guys with the bad ones.

Example is Al Zarqawi -- we saw him from up there going to take a piss in his house and boom...gone. THere was no reason previously to blow up 20 other houses full of civilians because "we suspected he was in there"...