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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Strap the explosives to your body and walk into the crowded place, fly the highjacked airplane into the civilian building, drop the "guided" missile into the TV building full of civilian workers or fly a jet over Beirut and drop bombs into civilian targets -- all the same CRAP to me. There is no just side in any war if it included innocent civilians being killed.

You can say whatever you want -- who provoked who, who was oppressed for years, but that does not give the other side any reason to kill or hurt a single innocent civilian.

So, I don't care if you're catholic or Orthodox Christian, or a Jew or if you believe in Alah, or if you speak English or French...this madness needs to stop and innocent should not be killed. Some countries have realized that and did not want a part of all that in Iraq, on the other hand some other countries and groups are unstopable...

Peace to all!
Ok my friend go tell that to the terrorists and then when they stop we will as well.
Has Israel ever voluntarely attacked any other country? No i don't think so
Out of all the wars Israel has ever had has Israel always been the one that initiated them? No i don't think so.
I don't know if you realize but Israel only retaliates when they are either attacked or if a suicide bomber has blown himself up.
This madness will never stop until these madmen stop.
So yes peace would be great. Trust me I would love to buy a villa on the beach in Tel Aviv and have a family there but for now i'll stick to Montreal.
I don't want to worry when my kids go to school ( which i don't have yet but hopefully will one day).
And I applaud every single Israeli for being able to live in that fear every day.