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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Don't they kill you out there for driving a car like an M3? I thought crime rate was very high down in Africa..? From what I know very few are willing to drive a nice car or show anything off in South Africa.
Africa and South Africa are two very different worlds. Yes the crime rate is fairly high here in SA, but it's just like any other country really. There are certain areas where you just dont want to f*ck around in but for the most part it's all good.

Plenty people here have exotic & sports cars and arent really afraid to show them off at all.

With regards to your first question, if you happen to be driving the right car at the wrong time in the wrong area, well then you're f*cked! It could be anything from a 1974 Datsun to 540i (used for cash in transit heists) the key is to just stay vigilant, aware and know the areas and you're cool

It's not that bad really