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Originally Posted by ichiban View Post
So I'm pretty noob at this stuff. I used to take muscle milk lite before and after a workout. Didn't see much improvements. I'm pretty happy with my muscle mass. I just need to trim down some fat in my mid section. Been trying out some tabata & HIIT workouts. I also have P90X, but I just don't have the time i need to dedicate to it right now.

After my tabata work outs, i'm usually really beat and pretty much out for a couple of days. How can I decrease my recovery? What should I change in my diet to help along side supplements?

Educate the noob
sounds like you're wasting your overall calorie intake with those work outs and your spending overall calories as opposed to targeting fat. there's a difference, try cardio that keeps your heart rate in the fat burning zone.

220 - age = ?
the answer from above - resting heart rate = ?
the answer from above * 65% (low end of heart rate) OR 85% (high end) =?
the answer from above + resting heart rate =


220 - 23 (age) = 197
197 - 65 (resting heart rate) = 132
132 * 65% (low end of heart rate) OR 85% (high end) = 85.8 OR 112.2
85.8 + 65 (resting heart rate) = 150 112.2 + 65 (rhr) = 177
The target heart rate zone for this person would be 150 to 177