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Originally Posted by BartMack View Post
a politics and religion thread *cool*

I've been to Israel, to Nazareth, 4 wheeled up the Golan, stayed on a kibbutz, been on the sea of Galilee, ate dinner in Tiberius, and visited Jerusalem during the fall feasts.... I went shopping in Bethlehem, and even visited Ramallah before the intifada.......and I was overwhelmed seeing the places first hand that I knew from biblical Christianity.... it was AMAZING to me, and nothing short of it.

I support Israel 100%...

... even knowing that those in government there have incredibly difficult decisions to make, and might sometimes make debatable choices, but foremost I recognize that God gave that land to the Israelites, and their enemies wish to push them into the sea.

That's NOT a popular view, I am well aware, believe me, but in my heart is an unusual love for that land, and I am bold enough to say what I believe and think regardless of whether it is popular opinion or not.

I wish Jerusalem the peace that comes from being whole
Very well said.
The problem is , like you said " their enemies wish to push them into the sea."
and most people don't understand that.