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Thanks for correcting my grammer

Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
I think what you meant to say is that you will never "feel" the dip!

You have the dip like everyone else but it is so insignificant you can't notice it without putting the car on a dyno.

The Akrapovic Evolution that Turner sells is exactly the same as the one you and me and everyone else has.

You have the same dip as every other aftermarket mid section with a cat delete or HFC's..... like I said above it is so minor that you can't feel it. If you had a baseline dyno and then another dyno run with your Dinan Midpipe you would see this dip everyone is talking about. The dip which lasts for Approximately 500RPM is a small price to pay for the steady 20+Hp and 20+Lb/Ft improvement all the way from 3000RPM right to 8400RPM.

Power wise your full Dinan Exhaust makes pretty well the exact same #'s as the Akrapovic system.... it isn't as pretty, light or expensive but is 100% as functional!

Thanks for correcting my Grammar!