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Originally Posted by Trier Germany View Post
This car has so much power with Akra exhaust you will never fill the dip!
I think what you meant to say is that you will never "feel" the dip!

Originally Posted by andrewabf View Post
What dip, I never noticed a dip!!
What the hell is going on here, there is a dip??????!!!
Can someone please explain to
me WTF is going on here???
Maybe the ones from Turner have a dip, not mine!!!!
You have the dip like everyone else but it is so insignificant you can't notice it without putting the car on a dyno.

The Akrapovic Evolution that Turner sells is exactly the same as the one you and me and everyone else has.

Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
i don't have the akra and i feel no dip on mine either and i have a catless system so akra is not the only one out there where you feel no dip
You have the same dip as every other aftermarket mid section with a cat delete or HFC's..... like I said above it is so minor that you can't feel it. If you had a baseline dyno and then another dyno run with your Dinan Midpipe you would see this dip everyone is talking about. The dip which lasts for Approximately 500RPM is a small price to pay for the steady 20+Hp and 20+Lb/Ft improvement all the way from 3000RPM right to 8400RPM.

Power wise your full Dinan Exhaust makes pretty well the exact same #'s as the Akrapovic system.... it isn't as pretty, light or expensive but is 100% as functional!
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