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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Very nice, but again completely wrong...

1) Wages fell in the resession -- not a necessary thing -- mine didn't, it actually went up. And a lot of people I know -- the same. You cannot assume these things.

2) I am not basing my personal judgement on "some" company, I am basing on the 3rd semiconductor in the world. Our sales are healthy and up a lot -- tells you again something about inflation. The numbers look healthy, but we all know...

3) Now, for the CPI that you sorted up there. Where do you live??? Don't you see the reality??? Forget about the numbers on FOX or who knows where. It is very clear that the everyday prices are way up compared to last year or the year before, way above the average salary increase....simple as that.
If you wish to substitute personal anecdotes for statistical analysis performed by trained professionals, you are free to do so. Knowledgeable and reasonable people do otherwise.

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